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Your Independent Mortgage Advisers
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What is an unsecured business loan?

An unsecured business loan is a good solution for a company who are new and with a lack of assets, would prefer not to offer security, or if you are an established company that rapidly growing and need finance to keep up with demand or large-scale projects. This is a particularly good option for companies that are mainly based online, without many physical possessions like office space.

An unsecured business loan has simple legal steps, you don’t have to provide a valuation and is a great way to secure a loan very quickly. Plus, the level of rejection for a regular bank loan in these circumstances is incredible high, so an unsecured business loan is an avenue that provides guaranteed capital.

You can borrow over a number of years and choose a set period and amount to pay back you’re your business has the funds. However, as there is more risk involved than with a secured business loan and so rates can be higher.

A personal guarantee is normally required with an unsecured business loan, where a director or key company member will need to pay the loan back if the business finds itself unable to. Unsecured business loans can be a little tricky to navigate – at Access Financial Services, we know that industry jargon isn’t for everyone so we will always explain your options in simple terms. We will ask questions about your business, your finances and your aspirations to ensure we can find a suitable option for you. Our years of experience will help your business fulfil its true potential.

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